4 Chinese dramas that you should watch if you’re into Lin Yi!

Getting fascinated with Lin Yi? The Chinese actor really has a remarkable knack for attracting attention, holding it, and winning fans’ hearts all at once.

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After signing a contract with China Film and Television in 2015, Lin Yi spent his 2016 summer vacation overseas to get professional dance and performance training. He made his acting debut in the 2017 science fiction movie ‘Island of Hope.’

With that, we list down his top 4 dramas that you shouldn’t miss watching!

Memory of Encaustic Tile (2022)

Shao Xue, Zheng Su Nian, and Zhang Qi had been close friends since they were little children. All of their parents are in an antique and museum businesses and have made it their life’s job to preserve rare cultural items. But as the friends become older, their lives begin to diverge, and they begin to feel differently about one another.

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You can watch Memory of Encaustic Tile here!

Love Scenery (2021)

Liang Chen is committed to providing listeners with high-quality musical compositions that represent the notion of being kind, sincere, and faultless.

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Lu Jing adores big data analysis and technology. Because of his extensive knowledge of difficult human behavior and psychology and his strong specialization in literacy, he is widely respected in the academic community.

Big data first brings them together as strangers, but as they pursue their aspirations, they grow closer.

You can watch Love Scenery here!

The Blessed Girl (2021)

The country of Suchuan is steeped in mystery. Now all that remains of what was once a lovely region of peace and prosperity are bleak regions ripped apart by discord. Yuan Yi, the youthful king who would put an end to his people’s woes, takes the throne in this country of suffering.

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Yuan Yi decides to identify the person who possesses the spiritual strength enough to restore the gods because the problem is related to the fabled falling of the gods.

Watch The Blessed Girl here!

Put Your Head on My Shoulder (2019)

Situ Mo is a graduating student. She is unsure of her future and lacks the bravery to make a choice for herself because she grew accustomed to having her entire life laid out for her. Gu Weiyi, a physics major, intrudes into her life as a result of the merging of the school districts.

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They constantly bump into each other while unaware that they are progressively walking into each other’s hearts. They unexpectedly find themselves forced to share a home.

Watch Put Your Head on My Shoulder here!

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