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5 things about Bae Seungmin that will make you fall in love with him

It’s amazing how we adore our idols. Even though we only see them through screens and listen to their music, we tend to know more about them without realizing it. We get to know them on a personal level that at some point, we can actually relate to them. That’s what makes them more human. More like us.

Being a fan of a certain group, it’s amazing how we can list down things about them, things that would make us love them more, things that we see them do that are interesting. One of the few idols that I can confidently describe is Golden Child’s Bae Seungmin.

But before I list down the 5 things that will make you fall in love with Bae Seungmin more, let’s get to know our dear Pocket Boy first!

Get to know Bae Seungmin

Bae Seungmin was born on October 13, 1998, in Gwangju, South Korea. He is the eldest of three kids and he has a younger brother and a younger sister.

Seungmin joined Woollim Entertainment in 2016. But before he became a Woollim trainee, Seungmin was a trainee at JYP and passed the final round of the 12th audition. Thankfully, Seungmin joined Woollim and became a member of Golden Child!

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Golden Child debuted on August 28, 2017. The 10-member group recently celebrated its 5th anniversary!

Seungmin is the lead vocalist of the group and his sweet voice is one of the best things about him!

Known as the “Pocket Boy”, Seungmin can easily fit himself in a suitcase!

Without further ado, let’s talk about the 5 things that will make you fall in love with Bae Seungmin!

His sweet voice

It is a given that he is an amazing singer, but his voice is really sweet and calming that he can put you to sleep!

As the group’s lead vocalist, he adds colors to their songs. Whenever he sings on his own, you will be mesmerized by his sweet voice.

Seungmin often posts short covers on their Twitter account at @Hi_Goldenness. Here’s a short thread of some of his covers:

Seungmin also participated in Woollim The Live and performed a few covers of popular songs. Listen to Seungmin’s version of Baek Yerin’s “Here I am Again” here:

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He also sang his own version of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”:

Also, listen to his cover of “Special Girl” together with fellow member, Jangjun:

And to add to that, Seungmin has a deep voice which I think would be great if he were to host his own radio show!

He is an amazing dancer

Aside from being an amazing singer, Seungmin is also a talented dancer!

When a group is performing on stage, they move as one. But when they dance alone, you can see how colorful their dance moves are and how they move flawlessly.

I’ve watched enough solo dance covers of Seungmin to say that he is a great dancer. He could actually pass as a main dancer as well! We love a versatile idol!

Watch his short cover of Hey Mama here:

He is very creative

Seungmin has his own segment called “Seungmin’s Music Workshop” wherein he do artworks live with Goldenness!

Seungmin will go live for hours and do his arts and crafts while playing some good music and chatting with Goldenness.

Once he is done, he will show his finished product AND give it away to Goldenness!

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What’s not to love about a guy who is passionate about arts and crafts?

He is the selfie king

I think Golden Child and Goldenness can both agree that Bae Seungmin is the best at taking selfies.

He is a pro at taking selfies and he is very consistent in posting them on Twitter, Instagram, or even through Pocketdols.

Not only selfies, but also portrait photos of him! Golden Child’s official Instagram is filled with updates from him and you can really see how well he took photos of himself!

He shared plenty of photos from their US trip as well!

Here are some of his best selfies (according to Goldenness!):

His killer eyebrows

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I know most Goldenness are in love with his killer eyebrows. It’s his best asset!

His eyebrows are really thick and they look so good on him like it matches his face so well! His eyebrows make him even more handsome!

In fact, his eyebrows have a life of their own!

What’s not to love about Bae Seungmin? He’s a great person, a talented idol, a good friend, and a loving idol to his fans!

Happy birthday Bae Seungmin! Thank you for gracing us with your talent and we hope to spend more years with you!

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