Now that Hallyuween is fast approaching, are your ootds (outfit-of-the-day) Hallyufied already bes? We hope you are prepared for it! As we all know, our Inang is always full of surprises and this experience is something we shouldn’t miss!

In case you missed a part upon lurking on the Hallyuween website, we’d like to remind you of the contest you need to prepare for! Trust us bes, the prizes are something you shouldn’t miss. Here’s the recap of the prizes:

  • Golden Tickets (Ticket to any chosen PULP show between 2022-2023)
  • Signed Posters, Merch and More!
  • Next Category Seat Upgrade Vouchers to any PULP’s future shows
  • Gift Certificates for an Overnight Stay in a 5-star hotel for you and a loved one!
  • Gift Certificates for a Korean Food Feast for you and 3 of your friends at Seoul Train Korean BBQ
  • Hallyuween Merch Swag Bags

Still looking for ideas for costumes to wear? We’ve got you covered, bes! Here are some of our recommendations that you can wear! 

1. Zombie from Kingdom

As long as you don’t scare off your fellow fans and infect them, you’re good to go to try out a zombie costume inspired by Kingdom! Well, you might want to check out All of Us Are Dead, Alive, and Sweet Home as references too! 

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For sure, you might be a contender for the Best Zombie Award!

Photo from Netflix.

2. The Forgers from Spy x Family

They may not be that scary but we all know how Loid and Yor Forger can be very deadly when they are in their protective parental mode. Dress up as the lovely Forgers from Spy x Family and for sure you’ll turn heads with how popular they are!

Photo source from Asia One.

3. Anyone from the New Journey to the West

New Journey to the West is a Korean variety show that’s a must-watch! The show’s format is that the group is given missions to gather dragon balls to make their wishes come true. Though it’s not an easy process, they need to do several missions first, wearing various costumes as they tour around Asia! 

Here are some of the costumes they previously wore from the past seasons:

From season 5
From season 7

The variety of costumes they’ve featured will surely test your creativity to clinch that Funniest Award.

4. Any K-Pop idol from 2009

Ahh. Well, we’re pretty specific about why it’s the 2009s. It’s the year where K-pop bombed us with unique outfits and concepts! Y’all can remember the suits, Dara’s coconut hair, and, of course, Girl’s Generation’s eye-catching colored jeans! 

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Take inspiration from these concepts bes, and who knows, you and your chingus might win the K-Pop Idol Lookalike Award!

5. Joker from Joker

There would be no Halloween—or, more accurately, Hallyuween—if there was no Joker! That villainous outfit is enough to scare off everyone, but once you get to know him better, you’ll understand him better. And yes, Epik High’s Tablo once dressed up as him during a MAMA performance back in 2012. 

Here’s proof:

A perfect idea for our High Skool bes out there!

6. Tikbalang

We all know that the Philippines is rich in mythical creatures. In this list, we’ve highlighted the Tikbalang — a mythical creature whose upper body is in human form and its half body is a horse. One of the most popular costumes is the most recently worn by Bb. Pilipinas candidate Graciella Lehmann.

We guarantee that you’ll win the Tabi Tabi Po Award if you’ll nail this costume (or something similar)!

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7. Any costume from SM Town’s Halloween Party

Do we need to say more? We all anticipate SM Town’s Halloween Party due to its artists’ creativity and cuteness during this season. And for sure, the more ideas you see, the more unique your costume will be.

There you have it bes! We hope to see some costumes listed above when we party on October 29 at the Mall of Asia Arena!

By the way, Hallyuween tickets are still available via smtickets.

The event is brought to us by Pulp Live World and Happee Hour.

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