WATCH: MAMAMOO’s Solar eats Filipino foods!

MAMAMOO’s Solar recently uploaded a vlog on her official YouTube account!

Solar lived in the Philippines for a brief time, it’s been so long since she tasted Filipino foods so, in her vlog, she tried some of the mouth-watering foods of the Philippines.

She prepared Banana Turon, Pancit Canton, Crispy Pata, Sizzling Sisig, Garlic Rice, Calamansi Juice, and Mango Juice.

She first tried the Pancit Canton after taking a bite, Solar mentioned that it’s a very familiar taste like Ramyun and it’s very savory too.

Then she tried eating crispy pata and sizzling sisig along with garlic rice.

“This is totally crispy outside and soft inside. The inside is super tender,” she described. After drinking Calamansi Juice, she pointed out that it is quite paired to crispy pata since it has a lot of pork oil.

Banana Turon was the last dish she ate. While eating, she said that she doesn’t like to eat a hot banana but banana turon is so delicious.

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She also explained that the three representative fruits of the Philippines are mango, pineapple, and banana, after which, she drank the mango juice.

In the last part of the vlog, she chose pancit canton as her favorite dish among those Filipino foods she tried eating.

She enjoyed eating Filipino foods so much and as a Filipino fan of Hallyu, I am so kilig while watching her loving our very own dishes. Nakakaproud!

Moreover, Solar recently released her latest EP, Face with Honey, as its main track.

You can watch the whole vlog here:

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