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Hwang In Youp says that Moon Ga Young is cute and lovable in real life!

Ju Kyung and Seo Jun ships, where are you at?

It’s been almost a month already since our dearest Hwang In Youp held his first-ever fun meeting here in Manila.

In the said fun meeting, there was a segment called BYS “Behind Youp’s Scene” where some of Hwang In Youp’s drama scenes were played and Hwang In Youp narrated behind-the-scene stories about it.

The photoshoot scene of Ju Kyung and Seo Jun in True Beauty was played on the screen. Hwang In Youp along with the fans watched it and while watching it, Hwang In Youp got so shy on the couch scene. Look at his cute reaction!

After which, Hwang In Youp said that this was the first time that he had to do a melodrama where he had to do a romantic scene, so he was actually kind of nervous doing it but thanks to Moon Ga Young, she made the whole experience more comfortable for him. He said that Moon Ga Young is cute and lovable in real life. He thinks that he was able to shoot that scene because of her. Kilig!

It was in 2020 when True Beauty was aired. Although our hearts got broken because of Second Lead Syndrome, we really can’t deny the fact that Moon Ga Young and Hwang In Youp showed great chemistry playing their respective role in the said drama.

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Manifesting another drama for them soon!

Moreover, Hwang In Youp is currently starring as Gong Chan in the drama, Why Her while Moon Ga Young has an ongoing drama, Link: Eat, Love, Kill.

Hwang In Youp is scheduled to hold another fan meeting here in Manila on September 24.

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