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AO EXCLUSIVE: The Hammingtons in Manila

Sam, William, and Bentley are visiting the Philippines for the first time to meet fans at The Hammingtons in Juanderland: Fanmeeting in Manila this Sunday, July 17, 2022, at 3 PM. The event is set to take place at the New Frontier Theater.

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In ‘The Return of Superman,’ the family made the decision to leave the show earlier this year in order to seek other opportunities. One of these is the animated superhero movie ‘Wilbengers: Suspicious Camping Commotion,’ which stars William and Bentley as well as their father, Sam.

The ‘Hammingtons’ Dream Closet,’ a new variety program from the family that airs on the ENA channel, debuted lately as well. In addition, the boys are active on ‘THE WILLBEN SHOW,’ their very own YouTube channel!

And fortunately, the Annyeong Oppa team was in attendance at the Hammingtons’ media conference earlier and was able to ask them some questions!

William & Bentley’s Fave Idol

During the interview, the Hammingtons express their excitement for tomorrow’s fan meeting as they will be able to meet their Filipino fans!

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Image Source: CDM Entertainment

And on their WILLBEN SHOW, William wanted to meet and have ‘Stray Kids’ as their guest, which is also his current favorite K-pop group. While Bentley said he wanted to meet Spongebob! Such a cute little boy~

Image Source: CDM Entertainment

Sam’s Parenting Tips & Ideas

During the ‘The Return of Superman,’ people respect Sam’s philosophy in parenting, even until now. And when he was asked for parenting tips and ideas for first-time parents, he stated that, parents just have to find what works with your children.

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Sam’s secret to maintain his bond and closeness with William and Bentley, is a lot of patience, in addition to understanding and befriending them.

In addition, Sam and her wife, Yumi Hammington, have been trying to have another child, unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. Bentley wants a dongsaeng, but William says he doesn’t want one, because he thought that Sam will have to marry again.

After Pandemic

When the pandemic’s over, William want to buy toys, not just one, but a LOT of toys! And after this, he wants to play a LOT too.

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As per Sam, he wants to travel again with William and Bentley. In fact, after their fan meeting this Sunday, they will fly on Melbourne on Monday, which they will stay there for 2 weeks and be back to South Korea after.

If you want to see them in person, you may still buy your tickets via and TicketNet outlets nationwide.

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now and don’t miss the fun with WilBen and Sam Appa!

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