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The Hammingtons in Juanderland: Fan Meeting Experience!

For the first time, Sam, William, and Bentley met their Filipino fans at ‘The Hammingtons in Juanderland: Fan meeting in Manila’ at the New Frontier Theater on July 17.

Sam Hammington, an Australian-New Zealander comedian, gained fame in the South Korean reality series ‘Real Men.’ And the Hammington trio (Sam and his two kids) gained attention in 2016 when they joined the reality series ‘The Return of Superman,’ which featured celebrity dads and their kids.

First Segment

The first part of the show was an interview with Sam Appa! During the interview, Sam said that Filipino fans are always welcoming which was one of the reason why he decided to come to Manila.

He added, We appreciate you all, and without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. This is our opportunity to thank you in person and hope to meet as many of our fans as possible.

In their new variety program, ‘Hammingtons’ Dream Closet,’ William’s dream job is to become a model, while Bentley wants to be a zoo keeper! The trio played ‘Newspaper Dance,’ wherein they need to dance around the newspaper and keep their feet off the floor.

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The next game is ‘Air Hockey,’ wherein two hand-held discs and a lightweight plastic puck are used by the two opposing players to try and score goals. And two lucky fans were invited to play alongside William and Bentley!

Second Segment

After a few minutes break, the Hammington were back wearing Filipino traditional clothes! They also tried some Filipino dishes, such as orange juice, banana que, champorado, adobo, and lechon. William loved the banana que, orange juice, and especially the adobo while Sam feel in love and can’t get over with lechon!

During the segment ‘Tuklasin,’ Sam said when he goes back here in the Philippines, he wants to visit Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan with his family.


Before leaving the stage, Sam thanks the fans for coming and supporting in their first ever fan meeting in Manila.

And when we asked about how was the fan meeting today, he said that “I am overwhelmed. It means so much to me and I’ll never forget this day. And hopefully, we’ll get the opportunity to do it again in the future.

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In addition, the family is kindly requesting fans to donate the gifts to a charity instead. They partnered with Good Neighbors Philippines, a humanitarian NGO that provides educational assistance to underprivileged kids from Kinder to Grade 12.

Image Source: CDM Entertainment

We would love to see you again in the near future, Hammingtons! #TheHammingtonsinJuanderlandPH

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