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TRENDZ is back with their 2nd mini album ‘BLUE SET Chapter 2. CHOICE’!

Rookie boy group TRENDZ came back last June 5, 2022, with their 2nd mini album ‘BLUE SET Chapter 2. CHOICE’!

TRENDZ debuted last January 5, 2022, with members Havit, Leon, Yoon Woo, Han Kook, ra L, Eunil, and Yechan, with their debut album ‘BLUE SET’. They are now back with the continuation of their debut album and their new journey to the unknown space “Blue Set”.

Their 2nd mini album consists of 5 songs: the title track ‘WHO [吼]’, ‘AWAKE’, ‘CLIQUE’, ‘re: daybreak’, and ‘FOREVER MORE’.

As they are back with a brand new album, TRENDZ showed their different charms and unique presence while continuing their own story from their debut album.

BLUE SET Chapter 2. CHOICE features the story of the unknown space “Blue Set”. Aside from their 5 new songs, their new album also showed their new capabilities and genre.

This album is also memorable since all members contributed to the songwriting, so the fans got to see the 7 different identities of the members through their songs.

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Their title track ‘WHO [吼]’ has two meanings: “asking questions to the answer at the end of the crossroads and the confused sound from inside.”  

Members Leon, Hankook, ra L, Eunil, and Yechan wrote the song’s lyrics.

Listen to WHO [吼] now:

Images courtesy of hellolive and Interpark Music Plus

Get to know TRENDZ

TRENDZ is a boy group under Interpark Music Plus. They debuted last January 5, 2022. The 7 member boy group consists of Havit, Leon, Yoonwoo, Hankook, ra.L, Eunil, and Yechan.

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