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NOIR is a South Korean boygroup formed by LUK Factory. The group consists of nine members namely Shin Seung HoonKim Yeon KukLee Jun YongNam Yun SungKim Si Heon, Ryu Ho YeonYang Si HaKim Min Hyuk and Kim Dae Won.

NOIR debuted on April 9, 2018 with the song ‘Gangsta‘.

Kim Yeon Kuk, Nam Yun Sung and Ryu Ho Yeon appeared on Produce 101 on its second season.

They are calling their fans ‘Lumière’ which means light in French and the opposite of their group name NOIR which means black.

Get to know each member:

Shin Seung Hoon
May 30, 1993
Leader & Main Rapper

Kim Yeon Kuk
February 8, 1995
Lead Dancer
Lee Jun Yong
March 1, 1995
Main Vocalist
Nam Yun Sung
August 29, 1996
Visual, Lead Vocalist
Kim Si Heon
December 23, 1997
Ryu Ho Yeon
February 6, 1998
Main Dancer
Yang Si Ha
March 9, 1998
Main Vocalist
Kim Min Hyuk
March 18, 1998
Lead Rapper
Kim Dae Won
April 18, 2000

Last year, NOIR had their first fanmeeting / fansigning in Manila and this coming March 7, they will be back for the 2019 KPOP Friendship Concert in Manila.

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