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AO Exclusive: Hwang In-youp is happy to be back in Manila; wants to visit two popular provinces

We were able to ask him which places he'd like to see next here in the country!

It’s no secret that Hwang In-youp stayed in the Philippines to pursue his studies. And now, he’s back as a popular Korean actor!

The True Beauty star delighted the press on a Sunday morning as BYS Skin Ambassador. Luckily, the Annyeong Oppa team is in attendance! We got to meet him in the flesh and ask him a question too!

Good to be back

Before his stardom in True Beauty, Hwang In-youp acknowledged that he stayed in Davao for years. He mentioned that he was happy to be back and looking forward to enjoying his short time here. It’s been ten years since he last saw his classmates but share that he kept in touch with them and is happy that some of them are professionals now.

Hwang In-youp in Manila press con

Revealing his skincare routine and alone time

When In -youp was asked to recommend one skincare product to his fans, he happily shared that of course, it was BYS Skin products! He mentioned that following a skincare routine is very important for him. He was elated that with BYS, he can fulfill a skincare routine for his skin.

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Also, the actor mentioned that he is the type of person who keeps a lip balm with him. During his rest days, he loves spending some alone time with himself, such as going on late-night rides.

Hwang In-youp in Manila press con

On his next Philippine adventure

Annyeong Oppa’s team was lucky enough to ask him a question. We asked him the places and experiences he’d like to visit should he have enough time in the Philippines.

The actor shared that he’s been to Baguio, but he is looking forward to visiting Boracay and Cebu sometime soon. Of course, when his schedule permits, the actor wants to plan a secret trip to Davao!

Talking about the Philippine cuisine, he is looking forward to eating Jollibee, Chowking, and Halo-halo! For Filipino food cravings: He loves eating Kwek-Kwekpineapple, Halo-halo, and dried mangoes! His Korean friends even asked him to buy them dried mangoes as his pasalubong.

Hwang In-youp in Manila press con

Looking forward to meeting his fans

To conclude his press conference, Hwang In-youp was asked to share a short message for his Filipino fans:

“I didn’t expect that I will receive this kind of love and support from my Filipino fans. I’m really thankful for their love and continuous support. I hope that you all stay healthy.

Hwang In-youp

The actor is scheduled to meet his fans for a fan meeting at the New Frontier Theater this June 19.

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Hwang In-youp in Manila press con

Meanwhile, the actor has played various acting roles and currently stars as Gong Chan in Why Her?

We hope you’ll have a great time with your fans tonight, In-youp, oppa! It was nice meeting you.

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