AO Exclusive: A heartwarming story and dream casting of ‘Our Blues’

The most awaited drama of the year Our Blues is finally here!

With its star-studded cast, fans are excited to finally watch the beautiful drama that was shot on Jeju Island!

Our Blues follows the story of 14 characters who are living on Jeju Island. Some are connected, friends, families, acquaintances, but each character will make an impact on each other. In this drama, we will see how these characters will intertwine and create a story together.

Each episode will tell different stories from the point of view of other characters. Everyone is a main character in the drama and we will see how their stories will unfold.

At the press conference that happened today, April 7, 2022, Writer Noh Hee Gyoung shared that she has been wanting to use an omnibus theme for her dramas for so long. She added, “I couldn’t understand why all stories revolve around a man and a woman, when in actual life, we are all main characters!”

Director Kim Kyu Tae added that the concept of omnibus storytelling is like a hybrid of a drama series. The director said that he wanted to focus on the characters and let the viewers be immersed in the story in the most natural way.

A dream casting

The beautiful ensemble cast that no one ever imagined possible.

Writer Noh Hee Gyoung carefully chose the cast for her drama and assured the viewers that they will be blown away by their acting.

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Lee Byung Hun has always wanted to work with writer Noh Hee Gyoung. They actually have a previous project planned, but due to the pandemic, it was canceled. So, he asked the writer if there was something else that they can work on together, and thus, Our Blues is born. Unlike his roles in the past, he will be playing the role of the innocent truck driver Lee Dong Seok.

Throughout her career, this will be the first time that actress Shin Min Ah will be playing the role of a mother. The actress added that her character, Min Seon Ah, is the main reason why she took the role. It was relatable for her in some way and she thinks it will be a good challenge to play the role.

Lee Jung Eun shared that this is her reunion project with actor Cha Seung Won. When asked how did she prepare for her role, she said that she wandered around Jeju to familiarize herself with how the locals lived their lives.

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwa, who hasn’t done dramas in a while, felt like she was a rookie once again, and being with veteran actors is a great experience for her. Han Ji Min shared that she has amazing cast members to rely on.

Our Blues is Kim Woo Bin’s comeback drama after 6 years. He shared that he is very nervous about this but also very excited to finally be back on screen. He added that he went to Jeju Island before their actual shoot just so he can be immersed in his role.

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Another question that was asked by many is why didn’t the writer paired the real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin. Many are curious about this and writer Noh Hee Gyoung said that she intentionally didn’t pair the couple because she knows they will decline the project. She paired them with other actors and she saw how professional the couple are.

The beautiful island of Jeju

Since Jeju Island is known for being a famous tourist spot, it’s the perfect decision to have the drama shot there. The ambiance of the entire island is a very vital factor in the entire story.

Director Kim Kyu Tae shared that filming on Jeju island is a bit of a challenge. Since Jeju is known to be a windy place, you can see the hair of each actor being blown away. But this isn’t a hindrance since the actors are very professional and were able to deliver quality acting even with the circumstances.

Shin Min Ah added that she loved all the houses in Jeju and these houses are what make the island beautiful.

Additionally, Lee Jung Eun added that the people of Jeju acted in the background as well and were a big help in the production of the drama.

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Fun memories on set

Lee Byung Hun shared that he had a lot of scenes with veteran actors Kim Hye Ja and Go Doo Shim and after their scenes, they would eat together. The two veteran actors will tell stories about their early careers. It’s such a heartwarming moment for Lee Byung Hun since he also got to know these two veteran actors.

Cha Seung Won added that they have a scene shot in the track and field and all of the cast are there. He still couldn’t believe that such a drama can gather all actors and it somehow feels like an awards show.

Why watch ‘Our Blues’?

It’s a very heartwarming drama that will touch your heart in every bit of episode.

The drama will also tell a story about hope. Writer Noh Hee Gyoung said the drama focuses on hope and added “experience does not become a pain but it is another step to hope”.

Throughout the drama, we will see each character fall on life, how they recover from it, and how they find their way to happiness.

Our Blues will definitely touch your heart one way or another!

Catch Our Blues on Netflix starting this Saturday, April 9. New episodes are available every Saturdays and Sundays at 10 PM PHT.

Watch the trailer here:

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