Yaki-Yaki: A perfect shop for your Yakisoba and Takoyaki cravings!

We can’t hide the fact that aside from the increase in popularity of South Korean culture here in our country, Japanese culture brought a great influence on our fashion, entertainment, and food as well.

Takoyaki and Yakisoba are two of the most popular snacks in Japan. Craving for yakisoba and takoyaki but can’t decide what shop can satisfy your cravings? Worry no more here’s “Yaki-Yaki” to the rescue, a perfect shop for you!

About ‘Yaki-Yaki’ shop

Yaki-Yaki is a street food concept from Dohtonbori Japan that aims to bring authentic Osaka-style Yakisoba and Takoyaki in one serving meals.

Yaki-Yaki offers the following:

  • Takoyaki- Japanese balls served with their signature savory sauce and Japanese mayo.
  • Yakisoba- Stir-fried noodles, vegetable, and meat served with a thick sweet sauce.
  • Yaki-Yaki- Their specialty! takoyaki and yakisoba in one serving both with signature sauce, Japanese mayo, and authentic sprinkles.
  • Osaka Milk Bar- Refreshing handcrafted milk beverages.

Check out the price details below:

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The shop had its soft opening last January 29 located at San Nicolas, Pasig City.

My Honest Review

Takoyaki is my favorite food and I am so happy “Yaki-Yaki” is here to satisfy my craving. I tried their Tako Soba, Trio Tako, and Blueberry Miruku, and guess what? they are all so good! I ordered Takoyaki Chizu as well, it’s super tasty! After I tasted it, It already became my favorite. one thing is for sure, I will order again from their shop. Kudos to all the hardworking staff of “Yaki-Yaki”.

It is so perfect while watching your favorite live action film!

What are you waiting for mga bes? Get yours now! The shop is open from Mondays to Sundays, 11 am to 9 pm. You can visit their store at 4 MH Del Pilar Street, San Nicolas, Pasig City, or send your orders online through their Facebook page messenger.

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