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Jeon Jong Seo and Director Lee Choong Hyun of “The Call” confirm to be dating!

South Korean actress Jeon Jong Seo and Director Lee Choong Hyun who worked together in the 2020 film, The Call were confirmed to be dating according to the news reports on December 3.

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They developed a good feeling while they are filming for the said film and after the official release on Netflix, they expand their relationship from colleagues to lovers.

“I naturally fell in love with her while filming The Call and recently, we started dating naturally. Thank you for your congratulations,” Director Lee Choong Hyeon shyly shared on JTBC Enter News.

According to the news, their relationship was an open secret in the film industry and the young director proudly enjoyed dating the actress and not having a care about the people’s eyes.

When he was asked about Jeon Jong Seo’s charm, he laughed saying, “I’m embarrassed to answer that. Most of the people around me knew (that we were dating). We didn’t hide it from the people around us.

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In the mystery film, The Call, Jeon Jong Seo portrayed Young Sook’s character and showed her acting prowess that catches the audiences’ attention.

With that, she won the Best Actress Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards and Best Actress Award at the 30th Buil Film Awards, making the female actress representative in Chungmuro.

While the buzzy film is Director Choong Hyeon’s feature-length commercial debut as a director; he has been known in the industry when his short film, Ransom in 2015, appeared.

Congratulations Jeon Jong Seo and Director Choong Hyeon!

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