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Get closer with DreamNote!

DreamNote released their 4th single album ‘Dreams Alive’, on October 26, 2021.

Image Source: iME KOREA

Can’t get over with the girls’ creating something of a mysterious aura in their concept photo? Check out the details below and let’s get to know DreamNote!


The group was dubbed “iMe Girls” before making their formal debut. The group’s official fan colors and debuting name, DreamNote, were unveiled on July 18, 2018. The group made their debut with their debut single album ‘Dreamlike’ on November 7, 2018.

First comeback

DreamNote announced its first-ever comeback on February 25, 2019, with the release of their second single album, ‘Dream:us’.

The single album, as well as the title track ‘Hakuna Matata’, was released on March 12.

Image Source: iME KOREA

Habin & Hanbyeol’s departure

iMe KOREA announced on September 6, 2019, that members Habin and Hanbyeol will be departing the group due to personal reasons.

Habin was unable to continue participating in schedules because of a persistent ankle issue. Meanwhile, Hanbyeol had been thinking about her future in the entertainment business, which she had been involved with since she was a child.

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Group’s comeback

On January 7, 2020, DreamNote released their third single album ‘Dream Wish’, which included the title track ‘Wish’.

The record, as well as its advertising, was co-financed by fans via MakeStar.

Image Source: iME KOREA

And after over one year, DreamNote’s fourth single album ‘Dreams Alive’ was released on October 26, 2021, with the song ‘Ghost’ as the title track.

Listen to their sweet voices as they sing ‘Bittersweet’!

Did you already miss the girls? Can you imagine what they’d do in their place with such a fantastic performance and flawless transformation? You are warmly invited to DreamNote’s housewarming celebration!

Image Source: hellolive

Get your tickets now and join DreamNote in an online live home-party ‘Wanna Come over my place’!

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