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CONFIRMED: BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Min Hyorin are expecting!

VIP Tita/Tito or Ninong/Ninang mode ON! It’s surely a happy day for VIPs!

According to a news report from Hankook Ilbo, Actress Min Hyorin, the wife of BIGBANG’s vocalist and dancer, Taeyang is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Min Hyorin is scheduled to give birth anytime soon. The couple are happily waiting at the arrival of their newest bundle of joy. There are also news circulating that residents often saw the couple walking around within their village in Hanam-dong.

Taeyang and Min Hyorin started dating way back in 2013. They announced their engagement in December 2017 and wedded in February 2018.

Min Hyorin is an actress who was praised due to her roles in Sunny, Twenty, and The Happy Loner. She also once joined the variety program, Sister’s Slamdunk.

Min Hyorin’s agency, PLUM A&C has confirmed the news of the actress’ pregnancy. They officially released a statement:

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“The news is true that our actress, Min Hyorin, is currently expecting. The couple are currently waiting for the arrival of their baby with happiness.”

The agency also shared that the actress wanted to keep her pregnancy private and asked everyone to be understanding.

Min Hyorin earlier teased her followers when she posted a candy shaped heart on her Instagram. Fans were quick to speculate that there might be a good news coming soon.

And now here it is, it’s finally confirmed! Congratulations, Min Hyorin and Taeyang! We wish you a safe delivery, Hyorin!

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