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NCT’s Doyoung sends coffee truck support to his brother, Gong Myung in his filming set of “Lovers of the Red Sky”

(Image Source: 0myoung_0526 via W Korea)

Sibling Goal spotted!

On September 3, Unnies Truck shared on their instagram account a photos of coffee truck sent by NCT member, Doyoung to his older brother, Gong Myung to his filming set of Lovers of the Red Sky

The horizontal signage reads as:

“Blood is thicker than water.”

while the vertical signage reads as:

“I’m rooting for all the staff and actors!”

Doyoung designed the cup sleeve with the adorable photo of them when they are in younger days with a simple yet sweet message to his Hyung (older brother in Korean) saying “Gong Myung is the best”

(Image Source: do0_nct)

Doyoung is such a lovable Dongsaeng (younger brother in Korean) to Gong Myung!

Meanwhile, Lovers of the Red Sky is currently streaming every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM, KST. available on Viu.

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