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BTS’ Suga works as producer in reimagining Samsung’s “Over The Horizon”

Samsung’s YouTube account posted on August 11 the video of BTS member and main rapper, Suga sharing how he reimagined Samsung’s signature sound, “Over the Horizon” for their “Galaxy” phones line.

It is known that Suga is one of the producers and composers for most of BTS‘ songs thus, it’s not a surprise that he was chosen as the producer for the rearrangement of the tech giant’s brand sound.

Moreover, BTS is continuing to be the brand ambassador of the said brand.

“It was an honor to work on a song that’s been a part of Galaxy’s 10-year history. I tried to put my own interpretation while keeping the melody largely the same for it to resonate with a broader audience,” Suga stated.

Suga also shared that he likes “Over The Horizon” and heard different versions from various artists.

When he was contacted for the project, he was very excited to work on it.

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“Like the title, “Over The Horizon”, it’s about going beyond our level. No one knows what will unfold. But our dreams make us go farther than ever,” he expressed.

You can watch the full video here:

Listen to the “Over The Horizon” produced by BTS’ Suga at 17:00-18:03 below:

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