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Netflix unveils poster and pre-teaser for new survival game series, ‘Squid Game’

Netflix unveiled on August 11 the first poster and pre-teaser for its new mysterious survival game series titled Squid Game starring Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo.

It is an imaginative and unorthodox story that revolves around a mysterious survival children’s game having 456 contestants who will risk their lives, but only one person will be able to claim the 45.6 billion won as a prize.

Image source: Netflix

Squid Game, the title that’s written in big text, and the tagline 45.6 Billion Is Child’s Play can be easily seen in the poster, which the title is a reference to a simple yet physical and aggressive children’s game.

Along with these are the intriguing images of a man in a green tracksuit being dragged by a man in pink to the large black box with a pink ribbon.

Aside from that, there are also known shapes in the name of a circle, triangle, and square that are visibly carved in the area.

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Moreover, a pre-teaser was also released on the same day showing some glimpse of the said series, in which the participants wearing green tracksuits are putting their lives on the line trying to survive in the game.

As they are gathered at an unknown location, the 456 participants play one game each day as they race towards the prize of 45.6 billion won; death awaits if you failed the game.

Questions keep on raising, how did these diverse people end up joining the game and who is the mastermind behind it? How will this symbol of childhood fun turn the adult players into danger?

Squid Game will make up for a thrill and intense series on September 17 through Netflix.

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