K-movie Alert: Lee Jun Ho and Jung So Min on the historical comedy movie “Gibang Bachelor”

Lee Jun Ho popularly known for his dramas “Chief Kim”, “Wok of Love”, and “Confession” and Jung So Min famously known for her works in “Playful Kiss”, “Because This Is My First Life”, and “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” will star in the historical comedy movie “Gibang Bachelor”.

Homme Fatale-TP.jpg

The story follows the love story of the first male “gisaeng” of Joseon, Heo Saek played by Lee Jun Ho and the Hae Won portrayed by Jung So Min who is a beautiful woman with a progressive way of thinking.

Press Conference of the movie “Gibang Bachelor”

Fans are excited about the movie due to its hilarious and interesting plot. Let’s see how this movie will go. I believe in Lee Jun Ho and Jung So Min’s stellar acting skills! “Gibang Bachelor” will premiere in June 2019.

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