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AO EXCLUSIVE: (G)I-DLE is back with new album ‘I BURN,’ sends message to Filipino Neverland

(G)I-DLE is officially back with their 4th mini-album, I Burn!

Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment

On an exclusive media showcase, last January 11, 2021, (G)I-DLE showed off its dazzling performance with their lead single ‘HWAA.’

They shared that their album is consists of 3 versions, the Winter, Flower, and the Fire version.

Moreover, in the Q&A portion, one of the media asked about the differences between each version and how did they decide on these concepts.

Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment

Soyeon answered, “The three concepts come together to convey the message that you set fire to the winter-like frozen heart to bloom a flower. Winter represents the emotions frozen cold because of a break-up, Fire will melt the frozen heart. Lastly, flower stands for a new love that comes after once we have fully confronted a break-up.”

If you haven’t seen the music video, you can watch it here:

On top of that, one of our writers was lucky enough to ask these girls some questions and you can see their answers below!

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You’ve been in the industry since 2018 and got few awards too. Do you still feel any pressure before this comeback and the release of this album?

MIYEON: What we say amongst ourselves is that instead of being concerned about achievements, we should make music only. Therefore, rather than being pressured, we always want to present something new, and we’re excited about preparing for it.

SOYEON: We always try to enjoy.

Are there any challenges while preparing for this comeback?

SOOJIN: The choreography was very energy consuming!

Lastly, any message to your fans from the Philippines?

MINNIE: These are tough times, but let’s stay strong. We hope to meet you soon!

YUQI: Thank you so much for the love and support from afar, and we will be waiting for the day to meet you. Stay healthy until then!

SHUHUA: Hello, Philippine NEVERLAND! How are you doing? Please eat well and stay healthy. Hope you love our new song!

Congratulations for this wonderful comeback (G)I-DLE, we are hoping for more success in the future!

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