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B.I impresses fans with emotional Intro Film teaser for “Waterfall”

Update As of May 20

B.I has release emotional teaser for his upcoming album “Waterfall” midnight of May 20 KST.

Check out the teaser below:

The intro film showed a darker side of the story wherein you can see B.I’s facing a different phase of sadness in the video.

Will “Waterfall” tells about Kim Hanbin’s story?

Moreover, Official 131 Label also revealed the sneak peak of the album. It consists of (2) different versions which is “Waterfall” and “Seaside” with complete inclusions as indicated below.

Check out the sneak peak from the album “Waterfall.”

Original Article:

The tracklist for B.I’s upcoming solo album “Waterfall” has been revealed midnight of May 19.

Check out the details from Official 131 Label below:

The album is consists of (12) tracks which includes two featuring artists that is yet to be disclose.

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2. 해변(illa illa) title
3. 긴 꿈
5. 꿈결
8. 역겹겠지만 (Remember me)
10. 비 온 뒤 흐림
11. 그땐 내가 (Then)
12. 다음 생

This mark as B.I’s first solo album following his donation project “Midnight Blue” in March 19, 2021.

Moreover, as the release of “Waterfall” is approaching more teasers and teaser films is set to be reveal as per the schedule announced by B.I’s label.

Indeed another masterpieces is about to unfold by B.I being the genius singer-songwriter of his generation and IDs month of May will be full of overwhelming surprises and updates.

“Waterfall” is slated to be release this coming June 1 at 6 PM KST.

Featured Image Source: IOK Music x 131 Label

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