ICYMI: Got7’s Jay B successfully debuted as a soloist with digital single, “Switch It Up”

Following the announcement of him as the newest addition to H1ghr Music, Got7’s Jay B released his first single last May 14, 2021, “Switch It Up“.

Photo from Hypebeast Korea

Jay B, also known as Lim Jaebeom, is a singer, dancer, composer, producer, actor, b-boy, and leader of Got7. He is the other half of the JJ Project and Jus2 sub-units. He is also part of the Korean R&B crew, Offshore.

The track features the South Korean rapper sokodomo and is produced by Cha Cha Malone, one of the founders of H1ghr Music.

Moreover, his new label also uploaded an official live clip showcasing Jay B’s soulful, charismatic and beautiful voice that matched the choreography alongside the sexy and mature lyrics.

According to the Got7’s leader, the song’s title literally means about the change that will happen to his life while the lyrics talk about love.

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Jay B’s solo is definitely a huge success as it achieved so much in just a day. It reached #1 on iTunes in over 40 countries and entered #6 in the US. This also topped the European and worldwide iTunes chart. It even climbed up to #1 on the Korean music site, Genie and exceeded one (1) million views on Youtube.

Congratulations on your successful debut, Jay B! We are looking forward to hearing more of your music releases and excited about your future projects.

You may listen to his new single on the link below:

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