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AO EXCLUSIVE: An interview with the newest girl group in town, TRI.BE!

Hallyu fans, are you ready to get to know the newest girl group in town?

TRI.BE is a 7-member girl group that debuted last February 2021 under TR Entertainment. The group later announced that they signed under Universal Music for their international promotions.

Photo courtesy of TRI.BE Official Facebook Page and Universal Music Group

Rather than being a girl group conceptualized on the typical girly and pure aspects, TRI.BE aims to show a free, strong, wild, and confident vibe through their debut concept of “girl swag”.

The “girl swag” concept will also revolve around emitting bright and radiant energy instead of the rough and dark feeling that is usually associated with the term ‘swag’.

Just like any other group, TRI.BE is composed of 2 Chinese, 1 Japanese, and 4 Korean members. Therefore, they can speak a total of 4 languages!

Photo courtesy of TRI.BE Official Facebook Page and Universal Music Group

Last week, AO Team got a chance to interview these girls that will help their fans to get to know them more!

Any one of you had a hard time embodying the “girl swag” concept? 

AO Team

SongSun: Practicing expressions and gestures was probably the hardest part for me.

Kelly: No! I think the concept fits us well! And the concept also has the meaning of ‘Perfect as we are!’, so we don’t have to change ourselves to fit in!

JinHa: I think the hardest part was expressing both the charismatic and girlish feelings in our performances.

HyunBin: We spent a lot of time thinking how we could express the concept better!

Jia: Same for me; I also think I spent the most time thinking about how I could express the concept better through my dancing and facial expressions.

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SoEun: It was always a concept I had wanted to do so it wasn’t too difficult but I did focus on my facial expressions a lot!

MiRe: The choreography was very intense so the hardest part was practicing for it!

What sets you apart from the other girl groups in the industry? Who inspired you to make music or to become an idol? 

AO Team

SongSun: SNSD! They’ve done a lot of concepts before and all of them fitted them so well. I wish I could also become someone who can successfully pull off various concepts like them!

Kelly: Blackpink, Ariana Grande!

JinHa: I think our uplifting spirit sets us apart from the other! Watching Apink has always made me want to do music!

HyunBin: TRI.BE is all about being true to yourself and freely expressing who you are! I think singing and dancing inspire me because I cannot live a day without doing them!

Jia: Powerful performances, catchy songs, 7 members and 7 colors, and the duality of when we are on and off stage are some of our charms! I’ve always wanted to become an idol after getting to know SHINee.

SoEun: I think our “girl swag” concept sets us apart from the others. I did a performance back when I was in school and I still remember the excitement of being on stage; ever since then, I’ve always wanted to become an idol.

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MiRe: Powerful performances and catchy songs are probably our strong points. I’ve always been inspired by BLACKPINK to become an idol.

 Since the group has international members, we would like to know if how do you usually communicate? English? Korean? Chinese? Japanese? 

AO Team

TRI.BE: We usually communicate in Korean! It’s also fun teaching each other about different cultures and new words in different languages.

We assume that you girls are all living together. We are just curious, how do you deal with miscommunication or cultural differences?

AO Team

SongSun: I’m always surprised at how well our foreign members can speak Korean!

Kelly: We always talk to each other and have small meetings immediately if we run into any small conflicts!!

JinHa: We don’t have any miscommunication or cultural problems now! Everyone was a bit awkward with each other in the beginning but we’ve never really had any problems.

HyunBin: All of our members care about each other so much, which is why we don’t have any problems so far!

Jia: Our members have helped me a lot with my Korean so I’m a lot more comfortable with the language now~

SoEun: Nope, I don’t think we have any miscommunication problems! I think we talk way too much to have problems *laugh*

MiRe: We did have some in the beginning because I wasn’t as familiar with Korean as I am now but they’ve naturally disappeared over time!

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After the short interview, TRI.BE also gave a short message to their Filipino fans.

Photo courtesy of TRI.BE Official Facebook Page and Universal Music Group

SongSun: Hi fans in the Philippines! Thank you so much for supporting TRI.BE and we’ll try our best to give you back the love! We love you guys~

MiRe: Thank you for always supporting us and loving us for what we do. I hope you are also as excited as we are for our future plans! Thank you again and love you 

Kelly: Thank you Filipino fans! Hope to see you soon after COVID-19! Let’s have fun!

Photo courtesy of TRI.BE Official Facebook Page and Universal Music Group

JinHa: Thank you for loving us from such a far distance and we’ll do even better!!

HyunBin: This is the just the start for TRI.BE so please look forward to our journey! Thank you for supporting us!

Jia: Thank you so much for supporting us from afar. Please stay with TRI.BE forever!! 

SoEun: Hi Filipino fans! This is SoEun from TRI.BE! Thank you for cheering us on and showing us love – we’ll do even better so please look forward to us! Love you 

We know that we are all excited to see them here in the country, while waiting let us watch this first MV garnering 6M views as of writing.

Congratulations on your debut TRI.BE, we are looking forward to see more of your performances!

Source/s: 1, 2, MCA Music inc | Universal Music Group

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