Monsta X’s Shownu to go on hiatus due to health reasons

In a statement released by Starship Entertainment, Monsta X Shownu will be taking an indefinite hiatus to take care of his health.

Starship Entertainment relays the success of Shownu’s July 2020 operation for treatment of his Left Retinal Detachment. But due to exposure to extreme lightning, in preparation for their upcoming comeback, the group’s leader experienced some discomfort. He immediately went to the doctor to have it checked. As advised by physicians, to avoid further complications, he will be taking an indefinite hiatus and will not be participating in the group’s upcoming comeback.

With the release of the news, Monbebes sure are saddened but expresses understanding of the fact that this is a much needed break for the idol. After the announcement, Shownu posted a photo on the group’s official fancafe (TalkTok) telling Monbebe “I’m good don’t worry.”

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This may sadden Monbebe but for sure they will make Shownu feel loved and appreciated by supporting Monsta X . The group will make their way back into our hearts with their ninth mini album One of A Kind

We hope for Shownu’s complete recovery and rest! Get well soon!

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