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B.I successfully donate proceeds from “Love Streaming” album

A day prior to the celebration children’s day in South Korea, B.I has successfully donated all proceeds from his donation album “Love Streaming.

Image Source: DC B.I Gallery

According from report on May 4, B.I attended the donation ceremony at Seoul International Organization and Development (NGO) World Vision.

The IOK Company current executive director is seen holding a banner along with Chairman Choo Jong Hwan.

Check out the photo below:

Image Source: Naver via DC B.I Gallery

B.I’s Love Streaming album was released last March 19 which includes three (3) tracks, including its title track Midnight Blue accompanied with two (2) other songs Blossom and Remember Me.

These tracks was initially released through B.I’s official SoundCloud account during his hiatus in 2019.

Moreover, this donation project is set to deliver help to children in need from Korea and abroad through World Vision.

The more streams the songs get, the more children it will benefit in the future.

Watch Midnight Blue music video below:

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