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Return of the Legends! HIGHLIGHT will be releasing their new mini-album “The Blowing”.

‘Light’ or ‘Beauty’ the long wait is over! Yeoseob, Gi-Kwang, Dong-Woon, and Do-Joon or known as ‘Highlight’ are finally coming back in May!

Photo Courtesy of: @Highlight_AUent

On April 7th, Highlight’s agency, Around us Entertainment, announced that “Highlight is preparing for an album and aiming to be released in May.”

The group was out of the limelight since 2018 due to military enlistment. But after 2 years and 6 months, they are now ready to rule the stage once again.

See the timeline below for their comeback :

Photo Courtesy of: @Highlight_AUent

In addition to this, Highlight will be the next guest for ‘Knowing Bros’ episode next week!

Watch the preview below:

We are so excited for this comeback! All the best, Highlight!

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