RADWIMPS x Masaki Suda collaboration for “God of Cinema” OST

RADWIMPS and Masaki Suda will release a collaboration for “Kinema no Kamisama” (God of Cinema) theme song!

The song entitled “Utakata Uta” (“Ephemeral”) will be used as the theme song for the movie “Kinema no Kamisama”  that is set to open in Japan theaters on August 6.

Both Yojiro Noda and Masaki Suda are also casted as actors to the film, playing as young versions of Terashin and Go, respectively.

In an interview, Yojiro shared that the fragments of the song came piece by piece during shooting. After wrapping up, he gave the song to its director, Yoji Hamada, as a gift of gratitude.

Furthermore, he also revealed that Utakata Uta was not created to be used in the film at all. The film producer just happened to be so impressed with the song, so he convinced Noda and Suda to record and have it as the theme song.

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“I was really surprised and thankful”, “It was fun and challenging”, Suda concluded.

As the song writer, the RADWIMPS’ front man wishes to express the beautiful world of the movie through listening to Utakata Uta in the future.

“God of Cinema” follows the life of Go, as he chase his dreams surrounded by great directors and famous stars, during the Japan’s golden age of motion pictures. It is a story about love and friendship spanning a lifetime.

Aside from Masaki Suda and Yojiro Noda, the cast also includes Mei Nagano, Kenji Sawada,
Kobayashi Nenji, and Miyamoto Nobuko.

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