Reveluvs, the long wait is finally over as our beloved Wendy has officially made her well-deserved solo debut!

Photo from Red Velvet’s official twiiter account
Photo from Red Velvet’s official twitter account

Red Velvet’s main vocal dropped a five-track mini album with heartwarming title songs Like Water and When This Rain Stops on April 5.

Aside from her goddess-like voice that is very soothing and relaxing to listen to, you will also feel healing, warmth, and gratitude that she wanted to convey through her music.

She also said that this is for all the fans who patiently waited for her during her long hiatus.

Screenshot from “Like Water” M/V wherein she highlighted her sincere gratitude to the fans for always believing in her. 🥺

Her co-member Seulgi was also featured on the B-side track Best Friend that tells a beautiful story of friendship.

This was supposed to be recorded with her voice only but she thought it would be more meaningful if she will performed it with a friend.

Photo of Wendy and Seulgi from their Marie Claire shoot last 2019.

Like Water Album is already available on Spotify, iTunes and different Korean music sites. You may want to give it a listen through the link below. (I assure you it’s definitely worth your time).

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And just a few hours after its released, Like Water album hits #1 on iTunes in various countries like Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Peru, and Norway.

Have you already seen how dreamy and glowing Wendy is on her Like Water MV?

If you haven’t, let us give her support by watching the video below.

Keep on slaying, Wendy! We are genuinely happy and so proud of you.


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