Red Velvet’s Wendy joins Spotify’s women empowerment campaign, “EQUAL”

Known for her strong, healing, soothing, and powerful voice, Red Velvet’s Wendy has been chosen by Spotify to represent South Korea as its first female artist to participate the “EQUAL” campaign on April 30.

Photo from Spotify

Its main goal is to promote gender equality in the music industry as the campaign envisions to gather the female artists voices and music creators all around the world.

Some of the artists from the different parts of the world that joined the campaign are Nadine Lustre, Griff, Chai, Saweetie, and Zoo Wees just to name a few.

Photo from Spotify

Moreover, Spotify released an Equal Global playlist that featured the music of all EQUAL artists. You may check the songs on the link below.

Meanwhile, the Red Velvet’s main vocalist just finished the successful promotion of her first solo album, “Like Water”.

We are always proud of you, Wendy. Let us all keep on supporting her and Red Velvet!

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