WATCH: Lee Sung Kyung shows off her swag in dancing Little Mix’s “Confetti”

(Image Source: yg_stage)

Lee Sung Kyung once again proved that she can put the dance floor on fire!

Lee Sung Kyung shared on November 29 through her official YouTube channel the dance collaboration video with YGX.

In the said dance collaboration video, she showed off her charm and great dancing skill in the rhythm of Little Mix’s song, Confetti.

Previously, Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Min Jae also showed their chemistry in dancing.

She also had her collaboration song with Loco as well which was released by Dingo Music last July 4.

Lee Sung Kyung is indeed a multi-talented artist and a gem of YG Entertainment!

Meanwhile, we will be seeing actress Lee Sung Kyung in her upcoming drama alongside Kim Young Dae soon!

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