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READ: Executive Director Kim Hanbin’s voting SNS by fans that you need to know

Voting, streaming strategies, increasing social media matrix and brand reputation are the things that we fans usually do for our favorite K-pop group, solo artist, actors and actresses.

And as time passes by, we always worked hard to show support to our favorite/s.

As for executive director Kim Hanbin first comeback for almost two years of hiatus from music entertainment, binics and his fans are all over the moon to welcome him.

With that, Kim Hanbin Voting Team social media platforms were created to help Hanbin increase his matrix and his fans.

About Kim Hanbin Voting Team

Kim Hanbin Voting Team launched their social media platforms this January 2021.

The team are consists of Kim Hanbin loyal fans which aims to promote and help their co- fans on voting and streaming guidelines.

Follow them on all their social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to stay up to date on voting guidelines and such.

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Check out their first SNS post below.

Twitter @hanbin_voting


Instagram @hanbinvotingteam

Meanwhile, Executive Director Kim Hanbin known as B.I for his stage name is set to make his comeback through a collaboration with Epik High’s 10th studio album with a track Acceptance Speech.

Epik High is set to drop their album on January 18 at 6 PM KST.

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