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ICYMI: TREASURE will release ‘THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER THREE’ + Full Length Album this early December!

TREASURE begins filming their music video for their third new single. The group is also currently preparing for their full length album that will be up this early December. A lot of fans were startled since this is really rare to happen in the YG Entertainment.

The rookie group made their debut on August 7 and has released two consecutive singles: ‘BOY‘ and ‘I LOVE YOU’. As of today, the group has sold over 500,000 copies nationwide, as announced by their agency.

In addition, TREASURE became a ‘half-million sellers’ and ranked first in Japan’s largest music sites such as: Line Music, AWA, Rakuten Music. The mere fact that they debuted two months ago, they’ve achieved a very remarkable accomplishment as rookies.

Particularly, the group gradually accumulates their fame through local market, and they have been trying to targeted the global music market from the beginning.

TREASURE‘s third upcoming new single will unveiled a blistering music and dance-able choreography as they show off on their previous hits.

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YG Entertainment says:

“This song will expose a completely diverse genre from the tracks that we had releases so far, from five successive days of shooting a music video with one and only director Seo Hyun-Seung, the director who also has been in-charge for BLACKPINK’s music video will be the first to be introduced.”

Hence, a lots of fans were enthusiastically excited to sing along and expects to have a great engagement globally.

Watch ‘사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)’ music video here:

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