ICYMI: So Ji Sub made generous donations to Good Neighbors

Written by: Mawi Banalo

So Ji Sub is not only a great and multi-talented actor but also has a kind giving heart.

Imag Source: Naver X Dispatch

According to the Good Neighbors, an Intenational relief and development NGO on September 21, So Ji Sub donated 100 million won to help the elders in Korea.

The actor also donated a total of 350 million won, early this year to Good Neighbors for the vulnerable groups suffering from Covid19.

Many children and women have reached by the giving heart of the actor that started since 2006.

Meanwhile, Good Neighbors is an International Humanitarian Development NGO that aims to help those who are socially and economically marginalized.

They are supporting them to be better aware of their human rights and to become self- reliant and believe that they exists to create a world free of hunger.

Moreover, Hwang Seong Ju, Head of the Good Neighbors sharing Marketing Division, said,

“Especially, the Good influence of Mr. So Ji Sub will be convey with great consolation and hope to the vulnerable, who are going through difficult times this year. Good Neighbors will take the lead in supporting the underpriveledged neighbors and children in crisis families.”

In addition, So Ji Sub is also known in his role in the dramas Oh my Venus, Master’s Sun and my Secret Terrius.

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He also starred in the film Battleship Island and Be With You.

Such an excellent actor with a beautiful soul!

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