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Monsta X to participate in promoting Korea’s Cultural Heritage

Photo Courtesy of Starship Entertainment

Monsta X will take join in the “Visit Cultural Heritage Campaign” as announced by Director Chung Jae Sook of The Cultural Heritage Administration and Chairman Jin Ok Seop of the Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation on September 22.

The campaign aims to promote the value of Korean culture and heritage, and promote the presence of cultural heritage where you can relax and be healed.

Monsta X along with Professor Seo Kyung-Duk, a famous influencer who teaches at Sungshin Women’s University will show the viewers 7 different routes on some iconic and historic sites in Korea and will look into the history of each place.

“It is an honor to introduce the beautiful Korean cultural heritage. We hope that through this campaign, people can truly feel and see the beauty of Korean traditional cultural heritage.”- Monsta X.

Naver Translation

Monsta X debuted on May 14, 2015 and presented by Starship Entertainment. They are known for their song such as Dramarama, X, Fantasia and many more.

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“Korean Heritage Travelog” will be premiere through Korean Heritage Campaign’s YouTube channel starting September 29, 2020.

Check out the teaser below.

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