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WATCH: Different Ways We Could Use Our Lipsticks During This Pandemic Situation

Ever since this pandemic situation has started, face masks and face shields are included (and a must) in our ‘new normal’ fashion statement.

But the sad thing about it is we cannot use our favorite lippies anymore since it will be not be seen as we are wearing face masks. Also, it only cause stains which is not hygienic at all.

But bes, don’t be disappointed as I found this YouTube video that can solve our Lippie problems. So, stop thinking of disposing them. I bet you already know that Lipsticks can also be used as eyeshadows, blushers or concealer. Plus, you can also use it on your brows!

So here are some different ways to use your Lipsticks by YouTuber, Tina Yong that we can also apply during this pandemic situation.

I actually tried it using my lippies from Vice Cosmetics and… it really works!

You can also wear eyeliner and mascara but if you don’t have much time, this will work.

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Try it now, bes! Don’t forget to tag/mention us when you post your cute selfies, ha?

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