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Photo from EXO

The 21st day of September came already yesterday and who would even forget that special day for EXO and EXO-Ls? It was Kim Jongdae’s birthday!

EXO-Ls around the globe took their flights in celebrating Chen’s special day in different ways. Are you excited to know what awaits you? To all EXO stans and Sondingies out there, below are the concluded and ongoing activities made by EXO-Ls!

1. #JONGDAECHALLENGE by We Are One-Bacolod

Photo from We Are One-Bacolod

EXO-Ls shared their love and showed their talents for our main vocalist, Chen! Click here to see an entry in the conducted contest.


Sneak peak to the several entries of our fellow EXO-Ls in the project!

3. DAExhibit: Walk With Jongdae
Photo credits to @forxiuchen

For the second time around, PHIXOs, xiuminproperty and forxiuchen brought us a virtual exhibit for Jongdae. Start the happiness by downloading artsteps and witness the journey of Chen with EXO!

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Click here for the link of the virtual exhibit. First 150 participants will be given an exclusive invitation of the virtual exhibit!

4. CHEN E-Book of We Are One-Bacolod TEAM and @forxiuchen

Photo from @forxiuchen

Now, it is time to go back from the very beginning with Chen!

EXO-Ls from We Are One Bacolod with forxiuchen, made a biography through an interactive e-pub/ e-book for the first time! You can enjoy it through following the steps below (and in order to access the interactive e-book).

  1. Download iSpringPlay on Playstore;
  2. Once installed click here; and
  3. Tap “Launch” and click play or next.
    Share your thoughts upon reading the e-book by using #JONGDAEbook or by tagging us!

Click here for the e-pub/ e-book; credits to We Are One-Bacolod.

5. #HappyChenDay #AngelChenDay – We Are One-Bacolod

Photo from We Are One-Bacolod

Cupsleeve event is one of the favorite activities of Korean pop fans. Since the pandemic happened, we are not allowed to go out to attend special gatherings with our friends. Well, no one cannot stop us from having our most favorite in the event by making sure things are safe and good for everyone, the freebies!

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We Are One-Bacolod made a way in reaching us in our homes to have the lovely freebies! Simply visit the page, We Are One-Bacolod or click here; in the post, you can get the link of the soft copies of the freebies which you can print at home!

It was truly a wonderful day, right?

Well, EXO-Ls also proved that K-pop fans are creative in their own way to express their love for their favorites. Join now the celebration of Chen’s birthday by trying the listed ongoing events above! It is still not too late.

For the last time, happy birthday, Chen! We will stay with you. Saranghaja!

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