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12 Reasons why EXO is not an ordinary K-pop group which can take away the hearts of many

EXO is a South Korean-Chinese boy band composing of nine lovely members with three former artists; which debuted in 2012 under SM Entertainment.

The group has already bagged various awards and recognition worldwide making them one of the legendary groups in Korean pop industry. Truth to be told, the number and significance of their achievements are no joke. Did you know that they had already ranked as one of the top five most influential celebrities of the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list from 2014 to 2018? They have also been called by the mass and media as The Biggest Boy Band in the World, Kings of K-Pop, Concert Kings, Most Stylish K-Pop Band of All Time; and more.

Throughout the years, it cannot be denied how popular the group and its members are becoming. In fact, in some areas in the Philippines, you can see fans wearing caps, shirts, shoes, and others with the official logo of EXO.

Despite all the fame and accomplishments of EXO, all of the members remain to be humble and hard working; making others get inspired and dedicated in everything they do.

Moreover, there are still various reasons why EXO is not an ordinary group which can take away the hearts of many. Below are just the 12 of it which you can check out!

1. Talented

Personally, I’ve seen all of the members of EXO showcase their talents. Wherein, it does not end with their extraordinary singing and dancing skills. They can also amazingly act, play instruments, speak other languages, and/or others.

It feels so great seeing them excel in many aspects and ways. As for me, I always feel so proud of them and so happy with what they’ve got.

2. Hardworking

One of the best things about EXO members is the fact that they always work hard. Since then up until now, they still put a lot of efforts to execute something. In fact, you can even feel and see their dedication inclined to it.

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They are one of the best examples of those who sincerely wanted to learn and excel even more.

3. Great models

EXO members are really great models. Their charisma and charm are both present all the time. Additionally, it cannot be denied that all of the members can pull off any clothes on their own ways.

4. Unexplainable attractiveness

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EXO got that attractiveness which fans can’t resist. To the point that you won’t even notice that you’re already falling hard over them.

As for me, I’ve been telling myself for how many years to not be a fan of many groups. Although I keep on listening to EXO’s songs and watching their music videos for how many years, I managed to avoid being a fan. Until this year that I couldn’t take it anymore to suppress my love for them. It was so hard to do so and I sometimes ask myself why did I do that. There’s nothing wrong about that, right?

Nevertheless, it’s all worth it to officially stan a group like EXO. I’ve seen them grow since their early years in the industry and I can totally say that they deserve all the love, support, happiness, and success in this world.

5. All of their songs are fantastic

EXO’s songs are all great. It seems like everything about it are perfectly combined together. Wherein, whatever the genre of it, for sure, it will always have a different impact on us. Truth to be told, I cannot even pick which one is my most favorite. Even the sub-units and solos’ songs are seriously fabulous!

What makes their pieces much fantastic and memorable is the fact that they have sometimes took part as its composers. So, smart!

Moreover, listening to their songs has been part of my daily living. I even don’t know how many times I actually play a single song.

6. Amazing choreography

Goosebumps would be the first thing that EXO will bring you upon watching their choreography. With all honesty, their dance moves and skills fit so well with the choreography! Just wow.

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7. Incomparable fan service

By watching the clips posted by EXO-Ls featuring the fan service of each member, it already makes my heart flutter! They are so extra, right?

8. They appreciate their fans so well

EXO is not EXO if they wouldn’t talk and make efforts for EXO-Ls. Indeed, this is one of the best examples of people who are not blood related but still treat each other as family.

9. They value their relationships with others

We all know that EXO members care about each other even if they sometimes pull a prank on one another. However, they doesn’t just value the relationship they have for their close friends and families; in fact, they also give importance to the relationship they have with other people.

Personally, I really love the way how they communicate, care, love, and show support for other people. As a matter of fact, they are one of my role models in life!

10. Warm individuals with good attitude

Since the very beginning, EXO has shown us the “we are one” attitude they have. In which, they do things not just for themselves but as a group and for others too. Additionally, they also donate and help the needy as much as they can. Their sincerity is just another level!

Subsequently, as I watch their videos online, I always see and feel how warm as individuals they are. Whatever mood they are in, they will still surely give others a sweet smile.

When it comes to working with other artists or encountering other people, they never fail in being considerate and kindhearted persons; which has been clearly proven for how many times.

11. They respect other artists and the people around them

EXO members show respect and even praise other artists and people around them. Recently, Baekhyun complimented BTS in his mini album showcase. Although what happened is still a bit confusing, the way how Baekhyun managed it was seriously amusing!

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Moreover, I really admire this kind of behavior that EXO got because it feels so great seeing them being gentlemen and watching them talk positively about others.

12. It’s EXO; they are EXO

When people around me find out that I’m a fan of EXO, I always get the questions like, “Why do you ended up stanning EXO?” and “Why do you love EXO and thinks they’re great?”

There are so many reasons and answers to give them but I always come to say, “Because it’s EXO; they are EXO.” In which, for me, is the best response I could make. Overall, EXO is not an ordinary K-pop group because it’s EXO.

Meanwhile, don’t forget about their upcoming EXplOration Tour in Manila, mga bes! As stated on the post, EXO PLANET #5 will happen on August 24 at Mall of Asia Arena. Then, tickets will be available starting August 4, 12NN at SM Tickets.

To sum it up, EXO is such a great group with genuine members. Many people love and support them because of it and of other reasons.

If I will be given a chance to tell them something, it would be, “Thank you. All of you are my inspiration in life and have big spaces in my heart. I am so thankful to God that He has given me the chance to know you all. I always pray and hope that everyone of you are purely happy, healthy, and will be given the opportunity to achieve more of your dreams. Even if I don’t have much of your merchandise or can’t go to your concerts for the meantime, my love for all of you will not fade but will only grow as time passes by.”

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