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Ultimate stan experience with Jee Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, & Yang Se Chan

In lieu of their first fan meeting in the Philippines being postponed last February, 4 of the 8 Running Man members hosted an online fan meeting for all PH Runners.

The online fan meeting happened last September 11 at 8:00PM on Kmmunity’s VLIVE channel.

There are two parts of the fan meet: a chance to meet the members for FREE and the ultimate stan experience exclusive to VLIVE+.

The Running Man members greeted their Filipino fans and even introduced themselves in Tagalog!

For both parts of the fan meet, the members answered questions from their fans. Luckily, Kim Jong Kook knows how to speak in English, so he acted as the group’s translator.

Here are some of the questions they answered from both the free fan meet and the ultimate stan experience:

What is the best compliment you got?

Jee Seok Jin said that someone told him “You are my everything.” Someone once complimented Haha and said, “I want to live like Haha.” As for Kim Jong Kook, the best compliment he got is “You are funny.” Finally, Yang Se Chan said someone said “I love you” to him.

What is your dream project?

Jee Seok Jin, Haha, and Yang Se Chan all said that they want to do a Running Man project in the Philippines while Kim Jong Kook said he wants to release a new album.

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If invited to do an episode abroad, which location would you like?

All 4 of them want to do an episode in the Philippines. In fact, 3 of the members already visited the Philippines before!

Jee Seok Jin’s son studied in the Philippines so he’s very familiar with our country. He said he went to Manila, Cebu, and Tagaytay.

Kim Jong Jook filmed a music video in Boracay and that specific album is one of the most successful albums he released.

Yang Se Chan also visited Manila before.

When asked where they would recommend Filipino fans when they visit South Korea, Haha and Kim Jong Kook jokingly answered that they should go to 401 Restaurant, a Korean barbecue restaurant that they own.

But in all seriousness, the cast recommended that they should visit Jeonju, Hongdae, and the street markets.

Where would you go anywhere in the world?

Kim Jong Kook answered that he wants to go to Boracay and relax. Haha said he wants to perform in Manila while Jee Seok Jin said he wants to go to the Philippines and eat lechon, sinigang, and sisig.

Of course, the cast played games as well. They played Pinoy Henyo, counting Philippine Peso while answering questions, and guess the Tagalog words. The prize they can get from the game is that they get to choose their own toppings for their Halo-Halo. Halo-Halo is a shaved ice dessert that is similar to their own dessert which is bingsu.

Kim Jong Kook and Haha won the games multiple times so they get to choose the good toppings. While Jee Seok Jin and Yang Se Chan lose the game so aside from the good toppings, they had to add gochujang in their Halo-Halo! It did not taste good!

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Before the first part ended, a video fan project by Running Man PH was shown to the members. Kim Jong Kook’s Loveable is playing while some of the PH Runners are dancing to the music. You can watch the video fan project here:

The 4 cast members loved the video and are thankful to all their fans in the Philippines.

The ultimate stan experience started 10 minutes after the first part. However, this is only available to VLIVE+. Participants were chosen via a raffle draw.

For the second part, the casts played a game with fans via a video call. We know the cast members are really competitive and we are lucky to finally see how well they play the games. These lucky fans also took a group photo with the cast members.

Before the ultimate stan experience ended, the members said their thanks to all of their fans and they are looking forward to meeting us all soon in person.

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We went to Twitter and read some heartwarming reactions from the fans:

As a Running Man fan, I pray that everything goes well so that PH Runners can finally see them LIVE this December!

On behalf of all PH Runners, we thank you Jee Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, and Yang Se Chan for a very fun night!

This online fan meeting is brought to us by Korea Tourism Organization Manila (KTO Manila) and Globe

All images are screenshots from VLIVE

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