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Catch Running Man’s Seokjin, Jongkook, Haha, and Sechan in this Fanmeeting through Kmmunity’s VLIVE!

Filipino Runners!~

Half of our favorite Running Man members will greet us soon!

This September 11 at 8PM, Globe through Kmmunity PH’s VLIVE will host an online fanmeeting featuring four Running Man members.

Greeting the fans will be Jee Seokjin, Kim Jongkook, Haha, and Yang Sechan. The fanmeeting can be watched for FREE in Globe’s Kmmunity VLIVE account.

The event is a joint project of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO Manila) and Kmmunity PH to let the Filipino fans meet some of their favorite variety stars.

For fans who are interested to try out the VIP Experience via VLIVE+, you may stay tune in Globe’s Kmmunity Facebook Group for more details!

Running Man members are set to meet their Filipino fans this December once the COVID-19 restrictions has been lifted.

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