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Shin Min Ah to star in a mystery film “Diva” after 6 years

Photo source: Naver

South Korean Actress Shin Min Ah will return to the big screen after six years in the mystery film, Diva!

Her last film project playing a lead role was way back 2014 in the drama My Love, My Bride as Mi Young.

Moreover, an online production briefing session for the movie Diva was held on August 13 through YouTube live.

Director Cho Seul Ye and the main casts namely Shin Ah, Lee Yoo Young, and Lee Kyu Hyung attended the said event.

Diva is a mystery-thriller film about the queen of the diving industry, Lee Young (Shin Min Ah), whose dormant desires and insanity are awakened after she suffers in a mysterious car accident.

Shin Min Ah addressed on the live, “First of all, I hope that those who suffered from flood damage will be recovered soon.”

“My role in the film as Lee Young is a diver who reveals the hidden madness and desire of a person after a mysterious car accident,” she added.

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Shin Min Ah continued, “Diva is a film that I had been in love with from the beginning of the preparation until its release. I’m very excited and nervous after I heard the news of its release until now. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Diva is scheduled to release in September 2020.

Watch the trailer below:

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