WATCH: Ben and Ben covers K-Pop songs for their BBTV’s first episode!

Filipino band, Ben and Ben continues to surprise everyone…especially their K-Pop fans!

Popular for their songs, Kathang Isip, Pagtingin, Maybe the Night, and their latest, Lifetime, the 9-member band continues to deliver songs that can make every listener relate to!

The band certainly made a buzz on the net lately as they got noticed by some K-Pop idols like Day 6’s Young K and trended in South Korea. With this, the band chose K-Pop as the main topic for their first vlog!

They said in their vlog that some of their fans were requesting for them to sing K-pop songs, that at first they didn’t expect they’ll be doing as well! They also thanked their fans for introducing them (and their songs) to their favorite K-Pop groups!

Kicking off their vlogcert (vlog turned concert), they made a lovely cover of NCT’s Dream’s Beautiful Time.

They surprised Reveluvs with their cover of Red Velvet’s Bad Boy.

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The next hit was the song they considered as love at first listen. The band gave us a soothing rendition of Day 6‘s You Were Beautiful.

Every ONCEs will definitely feel special as the band covers TWICE‘s Feel Special!

Truly, music can bring everyone together no matter what the language is! Ben and Ben impressed us with their mesmerizing vocals with this one! We hope we can hear more K-Pop covers in the succeeding episodes!

You can watch the full episode here:

Featured Image is a screenshot from the video.

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