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Ben&Ben trends in South Korea + owns a top spots on Melon’s real-time chart!

Filipino band Ben&Ben is now taking its songs outside the country as they are being recognized internationally, especially in South Korea.

Making it to South Korea’s Melon real-time search chart on July 22, Ben&Ben trends at #1 and #6 spot while their song titled Leaves are at #2, #3, and #7 trending spot.

The band expressed their gratitude on their social media accounts by sharing some tweets and even posted a screen shot with a caption, “can’t believe it. we’re trending #1 in south korea” and “woah this is crazy. we are trending in South Korea.”

On the same day, NCT’s Mark played Ben&Ben’s song, Leaves during his audio live, and also DAY6’s Young K recently recommended Ben&Ben’s songs to his fans.

Ben&Ben posted Young K’s video and Mark’s screen recorded audio live to their Instagram account as a way of appreciation.

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The caption reads, “this week, a lot of kpop acts discovered our music. here is young k of @day6kilogram and mark of @nct127! thank you for appreciating “leaves” we will listen to your music too!”

Moreover, Ben&Ben has also been recognized by the following Korean idols:

Cha Eun Woo

NCT’s Zhong Chenle

The Boyz’ Kevin

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The Boyz’ Jacob

Red Velvet’s Wendy

NCT’s Renjun

Ben&Ben really deserves the recognition not just from the locals but also internationally.

Congratulations, Ben&Ben!

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