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GOT7’s Mark just replied to this Crying Mimiyuuuh Meme knowing it was his fan!

Sana all, Mimiyuuuuh!

Every fangirl’s dream is to get noticed by our K-Idols in any way it would be, isn’t it?

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Surprisingly, this Ahgahse (GOT7‘s fandom name) just got noticed by her bias in the most funny and unexpected way!

Sophia, @aegyobomm on Twitter, tweeted GOT7’s Mark hoping that she would get noticed too!

Meet Mark from Got7: the multilingual K-pop rapper, dancer and ...
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Recently, Mark has been noticing a lot of fans via his Twitter account.

The tweet

In her tweet, she said, “I’m happy to see my fellow ahgases being noticed by Mark, [but] I also wanna try that” Then, she inserted a crying Mimiyuuuh meme just to a funny flavor to her tweet!

5 minutes later, her dreams finally came true when Mark replied to her tweet, “Dont cry.”

Mark, all along, thought that Sophia is the girl in that crying meme.

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In fact, it is PH’s online Internet sensation and your girl, Mimiyuuuh!

Fans find this interaction on Twitter very funny and hilarious! Fans tried to explain to Mark that the girl in the funny meme was indeed Mimiyuuuh!

Who’s this Sophia, really?

In an interview, she uttered that she was so happy to be finally noticed by someone you look up into!

“Of course I was happy because I never experienced to be noticed by any KPop idol; [and] I’m a big fan of GOT7. I was also shocked at the same time because I never expected that [it] will happen kasi accept ko na sa sarili ko na wala na akong chance pansinin ni Mark kasi madaming tweets sa #chatwithmark so the feeling was just overwhelming.”

She also said that she finds it funny that she got noticed in the funniest way it could ever be.

“I find it very funny because I don’t post my “meme” photos and there is Mark thinking that Mimiyuuuh was me.”

Late ko na din na realize na Mimiyuuuh is a social media influencer and a Youtuber based here in the Philippines, so there’s a big chance that Mark [also] does not know about that meme kaya akala niya na ako yung nasa meme.”

How To Get Noticed 101

She ended the interview with a message to her co-fans who wants to get noticed by their idols too.

“To my co-fans, frankly speaking I also don’t know how to be noticed by our idols kasi di natin alam kung sinu-sino ang pinansin nila or kung makikita ba nila ang posts natin kasi for sure they have lots of notification so we’re not sure kung makikita ba nila ang post natin.

All I can say is just be yourself, we don’t have to push ourselves to be like those people na pinansin nila.

We have our own uniqueness and [we should] use that to make witty and creative posts, or use our strengths to create posts that our idols will love.”

You can follow Sophia on her Twitter account, @aegyobomm!

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