“Weathering With You” is Finally Coming to Netflix!

Weathering With You is finally coming to Netflix Philippines this July 31!

Weathering With You Official Poster

After the long wait, Makoto Shinkai’s newest creation, Weathering With You will be available on the streaming platform starting this Friday. Just in time for its 1st anniversary.

Following the premiere of “Your Name“, the demand to also include “Weathering With You” on Netflix Philippines has skyrocketed.

The film tells the story of Hodaka Morishima, a highschool boy who ran away from home to explore and live in Tokyo. After a couple of mishaps living on his own, he met a highschool girl named Hina Amano.

Possessing a supernatural power, Hina is able to stop the rain and bring sunshine when she prays.

Set in an extremely rainy Tokyo, Hodaka and Hina teamed up for a business that uses Hina’s ability in exchange for clear skies.

However, Hina had to pay an extremely difficult price by using too much of her power.

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Follow the amazing and equally intriguing teenage love story of Hodaka and Hina as they try to shape and change the world. Soon to be streaming on Netflix.

Who cares if we don’t see the sun shine ever again? I want you more than any blue sky. The weather can go crazy.

– Hodaka, Weathering with You

The 2019 mega-hit anime movie has won major wards including Animation of the Year, Best Animation Film, and Best Music.

Weathering With You is directed and written by Makoto Shinkai, and created by Co-Mix Wave Studios. The musical score is once again provided by RADWIMPS.

Watch the visually stunning trailer below!

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