“Your Name” is coming to Netflix this July!

Mark your calendars anime fans! Kimi No Nawa, popularly known as “Your Name” will soon drop on Netflix PH.

According to the streaming platform’s “Coming Soon” page, the 2016 mega hit Japanese anime film debuts on the 10th of July.

Your Name follows the story of Taki, a highschool boy from Tokyo and Mitsuha, a highschool girl from a faraway rural village.

However, for some magical reason, the two of them began switching bodies. Their oddly connected destiny and dreams started their interesting adventure.

Entwined by the red string of fate, watch how Taki and Mitsuha realize that it’s not just the distance that’s keeping them apart.

Your Name, the highest grossing anime film of all time is known for its stunning animation detail and relatable theme. The impressive storyline, combined with an equally beautiful musical score by RADWIMPS through “Sparkle“, and “Nandemonaiya”, became a worldwide success.

Makoto Shinkai, the director of this award-winning movie, adds “Your Name” to his breathtaking collection of other masterpieces. Some includes the notable “5 Centimeters Per Second” and “Weathering with You”.

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Truly, it is an enchanting love story that defies the flow of time and space. It reminds us of the pain of longing, and the bliss of finally meeting the one dear to your heart.

It is now your chance to reminisce and fall with the captivating story of love that the mind may forget, but the heart will always remember.

Your Name will be available soon, along with other anime favorites: “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” and “Japan Sinks: 2020”.

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