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LOOK: Red Velvet’s Wendy listens to Ben&Ben

A fan shares Wendy’s interaction with Reveluvs on Lysn via Twitter.

Lysn is an online platform for fans and artists. It is used by fans to communicate with their favorite artists.

In the tweet, one photo shows a fan’s post recommending Ben&Ben, a 9-piece band from the Philippines, for Wendy to listen to. The next photo shows Wendy’s reply to the post after listening to the band.

omg their voice is so beautiful! oh my……. Thank you for your beautiful recommendation 🙂

– Red Velvet’s Wendy

Ben&Ben then retweeted the said post while thanking Wendy for listening to their music.

Ben&Ben recently launched their first international single “Doors” in April 2020.

Meanwhile, Wendy recently lent her voice as the main cast for the Korean release of the animated movie, Trolls: World Tour.

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