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June 7, 2020 a day of celebration to be remembered in the history of the world, organised to introduce the world with the concept of the “Dear Class of 2020”.

Especially meant for the students from all parts of the world who have just passed out from the schools, colleges or universities and didn’t get the chance to celebrate the day of their education, due to the pandemic disease going on.

Considering the importance of education, the former president of United States ‘Mr. Barak Obama’ conducted this special graduation ceremony for the pass outs which was broadcasted on YouTube.

This graduation ceremony is not just for the students who had completed their graduation in 2020 but also for those who are going to face the same in the coming time.

Apart from that, all the great personalities around the world like Beyonce, Lady gaga, Mr. & Mrs. Obama, Sundar Pichai, etc. Joined and contributed to this ceremony.

Photo from BTS Official Twitter Account

Interestingly, the famous boy band of South Korea ‘BTS’ was also a part of this wonderful occasion; attended the ceremony to congratulate as well as to pray for the upcoming future of the graduates. Where each of the members had grabbed the attention by sharing their experiences and memories with the audience in their own style and within a short span of time; they won the hearts of billions of people with the great social messages hide behind their inspiring speeches.

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Photo from BTS Instagram Account

BTS group leader RM also known as Namjoon started the speech by reminiscing his graduation days, stating that there were times when he too wore his graduation cap and took photos with his friends and still could feel that day and shared about his journey and success with all of us from his school days to becoming the leader of BTS.

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Continued by Jung kook, who shared in beautiful words that nothing goes planned and whatever he is today, he never thought of something like this.

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Whereas, the world wide handsome, Jin told us that how he was always scared about his future which happens with most of the teenagers these days. He always felt that he will be left behind by his friends and will never be able to compete with others in life, but soon realized that some people get their destinations quickly, whereas some get theirs late and also taught us that if you ever feel that the world have overtaken you and you have been lagged behind the world, do not be hasty, never panic, just take a deep breath and think about the day will definitely come when the things you are passionate about will automatically pull you.

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After that Suga added,

“Never ever be ashamed of your background, and don’t think you can’t dream big, dreaming is like painting, you just need to paint your dream and suddenly someday the luck and opportunity will knock at your door for sure.”

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Cutely J-Hope taught us to trust in your inner will and to stop thinking about the ups and downs you are going through in life because you are the emperor of your life and no one can dare to rule it.

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Furthermore, Jimin wished for our health and said that wherever we are, it is important to be safe and healthy first more than anything else in this world and one of the touching lines he stated,

“At any phase of life if you ever feel alone just remember one thing that there’s someone in Seoul, South Korea, who understands you and praying for you.”

After listening to these lines, I felt so connected that someone overseas is always there for me, to whom I can always believe to.

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The last member, V impressively disclosed the formula of life that whatever you do always go with your heart and further brightened up the speech by saying,

“I can imagine the day when we all have achieved our dreams and have our own story to tell the world”.

Finally giving a close to event, RM told the agenda behind making these songs,

“The songs are not just to listen or watch. Our main aim is to reach, communicate and connect with you people. We want to have smile on your faces always and make you feel morey and positive forever” – he ended up with a broad smile.

At the end of the ceremony, BTS entertained us with their 12-minute big-bang performance, which I always enjoy.

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Among all these things, importantly we need to pay attention to the promise that BTS has asked us to fulfil. Being an army, I promise you that I will do exactly as you want me to do and one day I will too have my own story to tell the world.

And hopefully not only me, all the members of the Army, they all promise to you that whatever you have told us, we will definitely keep your words; and will surely bring the change to the world because we purple you.

Watch BTS commencement speech for the “Dear Class of 2020” below:

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