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N.Flying and SF9 to hold a Late Night Concert called NOOB CON

The groups N.Flying and SF9 will hold a late-night concert called NOOB CON, a new format of on-the-spot performances.

NOOB CON, is an online late-night concert enjoyed on LieV before going to sleep, and each performance begins at 10:11 p.m. on Korean time (KST).

The start time of the performance was conceived from the English word “loll,” which means “lonely lying down.”

It adds meaning to the purpose of the late-night concert, which allows people to enjoy the concert of the favorite artist comfortably during the late-night hours when people are lying down.

The NOOB CON will offer a cool summer night with a charming production that can only be seen in online performances and a distinctive concept of NOOB CON.

In particular, the setlist of the artists who can be responsible for fans from the moment they lie down to the moment they fall asleep is also a viewing point for NOOB CON.

Ticket buyers will be given a total of two tickets to the same live concert, including the first live performance to be held at 10:11 p.m. KST and the second live streaming performance tailored to the time difference overseas.

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In addition, you can enjoy a variety of performances in LieV, including BOON CUT, which contains special videos, as well as interview videos.

The NOOB CON, an online late-night concert enjoyed in LieV, N.Flying will be performing on July 25 and SF9 on August 8.

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