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‘NOOB CON’: A late night online concert with SF9

SF9 will hold an online late-night concert called “NOOB CON – SF9″ through the Naver app VLIVE on Oct. 10 at 10:11 pm in Korea.

Photo from SF9 Official Twitter Account (@SF9official)

“NOOB CON,” an abbreviation for “Noob S2e-kwon Concert,” which is an online late-night concert you will enjoy relaxing in bed.

Taking the idea from the English word “loll,” which means “lonely lying down” and having the concert’s start time set at 10:11 p.m., added to its significance.

SF9’s concert, which will be enjoyed while lying down, stimulates excitement as it is expected to have a different experience.

SF9 released the NOOB CON poster on its official FNC website on Sept. 18 to mark the hosting of an online solo performance.

The members, who show off their sexy and chic charms with white shirts, are the “Performance Master” group, which makes us look forward to seeing each other in LieV.

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The NOOB CON will present a memorable autumn night through attractive production and unique concept of NOOB CON, which can only be seen in online performances.

In particular, the set list of the artists who can be responsible for fans from the moment they lie down to the moment they fall asleep is also a viewing point for NOOB CON.

Meanwhile, the opening of tickets for SF9’s NOOB CON will begin at noon on September 25 and further details can be found on the official FNC website.

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