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Mnet to launch, CAP-TEEN, a Survival Program for Teens

Mnet will introduce survival audition programs in the second half of the year.

Mnet said it will air its first audition CAP-TEEN for teenagers in October.

The show offers opportunities for many teenagers who dream of becoming K-pop stars to take the stage, and aims to create a new teen star by using the program as a gateway.

It is said to be supported by teenagers who are talented in various genres, including singing and rap, as well as vocals, but it resembles the strangely discontinued “teenage singer.”

CAP-TEEN is supported by teenagers who are talented in various genres such as singing, dancing and rap, and there is no limit to both individual or team participation.

Already, Mnet introduced Road to Kingdom following Queendom last year, and recently Voice Korea 2020 ended with the winner.

They are currently airing I-LAND, an audition prpgram, in partnership with Big Hit Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Mnet will start the recruitment of applicants for CAP-TEEN by August 28.

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